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​​Arts & Sports

Dowal School offers a unique array of extracurricular activities as an integral part of its educational plan.

Estudies suggest that children who are involved in sports get higher school grades and have an increased sense of self-worth. Moreover, kids involved in music activities are often better adjusted and have better academic performance with an added ability to think creatively.

Sports allow students to keep a healthier lifestyle due to their increased physical activity, which, at the same time, strengthens their 
social networks.

Extracurricular activities serve as an additional component to our school curriculum, as they encourage team work and stress the importance of perseverance when it comes to achieving specific goals. When signing up for a sport team or an artistic discipline, students acquire a higher degree of motivation, which will most likely have a positive effect on their school performance in the long run.

Choose your favorite activity and start unleashing your true potential now!