Creative Writing “Narrateen”

Produced every two months and overseen by the Spanish Department, this newsletter has the purpose of encouraging the writing of original literary works by the students. “Narrateen” is a creative outlet for all those students who enjoy creative writing and have a knack for literature.

Ecology Club

Supervised by the Science Department, the main goal of this club is to raise social awareness and to encourage positive action on behalf of our environment by means of the constant implementation of the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Students’ newspaper “Nuevo Milenio”

“Nuevo Milenio” is a bilingual digital production that comes out once every three months, full of happenings and various events on campus. A group of students assertively guided by our school’s librarian work as editors, reporters, and designers. They document and share with the  rest of the school community each and every accomplishment, event, and news of relevance that take place during the school year. 

English Club

This club was conceived from the need of providing students from 7th through 10th grade with an environment where they can employ their oral skills and writing talents, and to get a taste for reading and English literature.

Photography Club

This club, which Initially started out as a workshop, gathers those students who show a remarkable interest and appreciation for the art of photography. Its goal is to further develop their knowledge of single-reflex lens cameras, improving their creativity and the quality of their photographic productions.

Dowal school'S clubs

Students are encouraged to join different clubs based on their preferences and interests. 

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LEO Club

This is a social service youth club with direct involvement in the personal growth of its members and the development of the community. This club offers the students the opportunity to make their talents and skills available to society, awakening in them feelings of social sensibility and responsibility.

Spanish Book Club

Under the guidance of the Spanish Department, this club was created with the goal of encouraging reading habits that would help develop personal growth and improve language and analytical skills. Their meetings are held weekly.

Student ClubS:

Social Studies Club

Named “José Cecilio del Valle” after Honduras' notable son, this club works under the direction of the Social Sciences Department and its main objectives are to strengthen our students' sense of national identity, to foster critical thinking, and to develop research skills.

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